Time Warner Scholarship 2012: Aid Program for Financially Weak Students:-

There is no lack of brilliant and meritorious students in the United States, but a continuous rise in college fees is making the financially weak students unable to pursue higher degree. To aid such students in getting higher education, Time Warner Cable Scholarship 2012 has been organized. This scholarship applies exclusively to the customers of Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner Scholarship 2012 is organized every year by Time Warner Cable in collaboration with Scholarship Management Services. Every year, the program helps six high school seniors who are willing to pursue a four year higher degree from an esteemed University in the United States. In total, a sum of $30,000 is awarded to six different students with each student getting an amount of $3,000.

As mentioned, the scholarship is exclusive to the children of the individuals who are either a customer of Time warner or associated with it. Basically, there are some criteria on which student selection process entirely depends. The applicants seeking the scholarship should have a good academic record and show interest in STEM that is Science and Technology, Engineering or Math. Below mentioned is the weightage of different criteria on which selection this year will depend.

Besides this, the eligibility criteria for Time Warner Scholarship 2012 are as follows:

If you stand on the following eligibility criteria specified by Time Warner Cable Scholarship 2012, then only you are eligible for the program.

How to Apply

The process of applying for the Time Warner Scholarship 2012 is easy. You are required to visit the official website of Time Warner, fill the online application by following the guidelines mentioned on the site. The organization will pay the scholarship sum directly to the college.